Leave Letters Archive

Sample of Maternity Leave Letter

A letter written by a pregnant women in order to get leave approval for her baby delivery. It is usually written to the Human resource Department of an organization. Writing the subject is a

Sample of a Birthday Leave Letter

It is a formal letter written by an employee to seek leave from work to attend the birthday party of a close friend or a family member. It is usually written by an employee

Sample of an Emergency Leave Letter

It is a formal letter written by an employee to his/her supervisor or HR department, requesting a leave from work due to an unforeseen situation, such as a death, illness, accident etc. You could

Sample of an Exams Leave Letter

An exams leave letter is usually written by employees pursuing their education, in order to seek their employer’s approval to take days off from work to appear in important exams. Since you are going

Sample of Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter

A brother’s marriage leave letter is written by an employee to his/her manager to seek permission to take a day or more off from work to attend his/her brother’s marriage. It is a formal

Sample of a College Leave Letter

A College Leave Letter is written by a student to the Head of the College, formally informing about his/her reasons for not being able to attend college. These reasons could vary from personal or

Sample of Funeral Leave Letter

Funerals are sad events which everyone will experience in their lives. While some individuals are willing to attend funerals, others do not. However, social norms require your attendance in the funerals of closer family

Sample of Health Problem Leave Letter

Who doesn’t experience a viral disease, an infection, a flu or even a fever every once in a while? That is the reason why different organizations keep a slot for their employees in the

Sample of a Medical Treatment Leave Letter

A medical treatment leave letter is a formal request from an employee for a leave of absence from work due to a serious medical condition which needs treatment. Simply write down about all the

Sample of a Death Leave Letter

A death leave letter is written by an employee to seek his boss/ manager’s approval to take some days off from work to attend the funeral of a relative or friend. The main considerations

Sample of Leave Letter for Personal Reason

This letter is written to seek the approval of the concerned person in an organization for leave of absence due to personal reason. In order to write this letter you must understand that your

Sample of Function Leave Letter

A function leave letter is written whenever you have to attend a particular function and you can’t make it to work in time. You need to inform the management of your organization that what

Sample of Letter for Paternity Leave

In the past only women would get maternity leaves during the time they were pregnant but these days the Human Resource Policies have changed. Even the men get paternity leaves in order to assist

Sample of Accommodation Leave Letter

With any accommodation that you rent out; whether it is an apartment, house, townhouse or a flat, you have to sign a lease agreement in order to acquire it. The contract is for a

Sample of Business Leave Letter

A business leave letter is written by a senior member of the organization to the direct supervisor of the person who is applying for the leave. In this letter the senior member reminds the

Sample of Personal Work Leave Letter

There are several different types of leave letters when it comes to taking a day off from work. If you want to take off from work because you need to attend to some personal

Sample of Marriage Leave Letter

Marriages are an important day in anyone’s life. However, when it comes to taking off from work, you must write a letter to the HR manager. Make him/her explain how this is going to

Sample of Long Leave Application Letter

Several people may encounter such problems where they might get injured or sick to an extent that they can’t go to work for a long period of time. In this case you are expected

Sample of Casual Leave Letter

A casual leave letter is written when an employee has to casually take a few days off from work. Such leaves have always been a part of different organizations in the world as they

Sample Leave Letter for Brother’s Wedding

If your brother is about to get married and you know the final dates of this occasion, you might want to inform your employer in advance about the leaves which you will be taking

Sample of Letter for Extension Leave

A letter for leave extension is written by an employee to his/her manager or boss to request an extension in an on-going leave of absence. You first have to mention who is writing the

Sample of a Sick Leave Letter

It is a professional way to address your boss or teacher. Use professional tone, like “Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. Second-Name of the Receiver.” Early on in the letter, mention that you would not be

Maternity Leave Extension Letter

A maternity leave extension letter is written when you know that there a few problems that you might experience during your absence and you might not be able to make it back on the

Leave Letter After Taking Leave

No matter how professional we are in our lives, there are times when we suffer from such instances in which the circumstances are not under our control; it could either be because we are

One Day Leave Letter

No matter how attached you are to your work and no matter how important it is to you, there are times when you have to take at least a day off. Either you have

How to Write Letter for Extension Leave

Mention your complete address at the top left Start your leave extension letter by writing your complete address, phone number and email ID, at the top-left corner of the page. Make sure your address

How to Write a Medical Treatment Leave Letter

Address it to the concerned department Address the letter to the concerned person (usually supervisor) or department (Human Resources). It is important that use proper salutation and titles, keeping the letter formal and professional.

How to Write Exams Leave letter

Use professional language Since it is an official correspondence between you and your employer, the format, tone and content should be suitably formal. Use professional language and proper salutations, like Mr, Miss or Ms,

How to Write Death Leave Letter

Inform your Manager/Boss in person It is very important to inform your manager about the death of your relative or friend in person and make a verbal request before providing a formal, written application

How to Write Leave Letter for Absence from Work

Address and Salutation Stick to formal salutations and professional language for all work related letters. Put down the name of your company, the address and write the purpose of the letter in the ‘subject’