Sample of Accommodation Leave Letter

With any accommodation that you rent out; whether it is an apartment, house, townhouse or a flat, you have to sign a lease agreement in order to acquire it. The contract is for a certain period of time and once that particular time is over, it is assumed that you are going to vacate the premises before or at least on the last date. The renter, who acquired the accommodation, is expected to write a letter to the landlord in order to inform him/her about the fact that he/she is leaving the apartment and from now onwards it is going to be vacant. This is known as the accommodation leave letter.

You are expected to write this letter prior to the day you leave (at least 30 to 60 days). The renter is also expected to follow all the other items which have been listed on the lease; items such as utilities and the conditions of the apartment. All this is necessary for you to get back your deposit which you made before you acquired the place. Make sure that you maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter.

Sample of Accommodation Leave Letter

Dear Mr Thomas Jefferson,

I am writing this letter today in order to inform you about my decision to leave your rental property on March 22, 2014. This is going to be the official end of our lease agreement of one year. I am leaving this apartment since I have completed studies at the university and now I will be moving back to my hometown; therefore, I won’t need this apartment anymore.

Prior to acquiring this apartment, I gave you a deposit of $1000 on 21 March, 2013, as a part of the agreement. I expect that you will return it back to me in full and also have a walkthrough with me. In order to do so, you can always contact me on my personal phone number 972-982734-09. Moreover, you can send me the security on the following address:

123 JK House Ln.
Hometown, Chicago, USA

I will also be shutting off all the utilities as per our agreement.

Truly yours,


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