How to Write a Maternity Leave Letter

Follow Business Letter Format

It is an official correspondence, so keep it formal with a professional opening salutation like “Dear Sir, Madam or Mrs., or Ms., followed by receiver’s second name.”

Mention Purpose for Leave

Be very straight forward in the opening paragraph and put together very simple wordings to let the receiver know about the purpose of writing the letter. Ask for a maternity leave, mentioning that you are having a baby and the exact duration of leave.

Enclose Maternity Documents – if any

It is good idea to present your case as you would not require describing your condition. However, make sure to attach the photo copies, not the original documents.

 Availing the Maternity Benefits

Clearly request in simple words that you would like to avail all the maternity leave and benefits offered by your company.

Mention the Work Completed or Pending

It is good idea to let the management know about the status of the work at your end.

Show Professional Attitude

Show your concern and mention that you are ready to train the specific employee who will replace you in your absence.

Request for Consideration and Approval

No one can disapprove your maternity leave, but even then show mannerism and conclude the letter on a professional note that you would be looking ahead for receiver’s consideration and approval.

Provide your Contact Information

Ask the management not to hesitate to contact you if they require any further information or if there is anything more you can do to ease the transition.

 Complimentary Gesture

Conclude the letter with complimentary gesture like thank you etc and a formal closing salutation, like “Respectfully Yours,” “Yours Faithfully” etc.

Tips to Write a Maternity Leave Letter:

– Make sure that your maternity leave letter is in compliance with your company’s leave policy in order to pass up any discrepancies and setback in approving of your leave.
– Proof read and fix all the possible spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, unintended sayings and incomplete sentences in order to make sure that you don’t pass on a poor impression on part of the receiver.
– Keep your maternity leave letter short and clear-cut, but it shouldn’t be too precise that it misses out the essential information.

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