Sample of a Birthday Leave Letter

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It is a formal letter written by an employee to seek leave from work to attend the birthday party of a close friend or a family member. It is usually written by an employee to his manager or boss, who forwards it to the Human Resource Department for final approval or disapproval.

The tone of the letter must remain formal, since it is likely to be filed under your record. It is a professional correspondence; don’t use flowery language, long words, slangs or contractions etc. Make sure not to exceed one page, keeping the letter short and to the point. Once you have written your Birthday Leave Letter, go through it few times in order to correct all the possible the grammatical or spelling mistakes. You can also attach a copy of the birthday party invitation card, if any, with the leave letter.

Sample of a Birthday Leave Letter


Mark Thomas,
Purchasing Officer,
XYZ Internationals,
41 Circular Road Toronto

March 26, 2013.


Mr. Jobi Parker,
Sales Manager,
XYZ Internationals,
41 Circular Road Toronto

Subject: Request for 3 Days of Leave on Account of a Birthday.

Mr Parker,

It is respectfully submitted that I, Mark Thomas, working as the purchasing officer here at XYZ Internationals, need a leave for three days, starting from tomorrow, March 27, 2013, to attend the birthday party of my younger brother. The birthday will be celebrated on March 29 and we are planning to arrange a family get together on this occasion. Being the elder brother, there are several arrangements that I have to make before the party.

I will be very grateful to you if you kindly approve my three-day leave for the stated reason. Thanking in anticipation.

Thanks and Regards,

Mark Thomas

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