How to Write a Leave Letter for Personal Reason

Opening Salutation Should be Formal

Have a professional tone right from the start. Opening salutation should be, “Dear Ms. /Mr. /Mrs., followed by the receiver’s second name.”

Start with a Request for Leave

Write down the reason for writing the letter, requesting for leave. Mention the leave duration as well.

Mention an Authentic Reason

Clearly include your reason for leave in the next paragraph. If the leave is for longer period of time, make sure that the reason you are providing is genuine enough to say so.

Write about the One who will Take Over you Duties

The very first thing that can panic your employer is, “who will be performing your duties in your absence.” Clearly mention about the intern or subordinate that you have trained to take over your seat in your absence.

Near Ending, Provide your Contact Details

Act like a very responsible employee and provide the receiver with your contact details in order to get in touch with you for any kind of assistance during your absence.

Close on a Professional Note

Thank the receiver for his or her consideration and hope for an approval – followed by your name and signature.

Tips to Write a Convincing Personal Reason Leave Letter:

– Write down the subject of the letter right below the receiver’s address. Make sure it is bold.
– Provide genuine reason for the personal reason leave as a letter without reason mentioned can put a question mark on your request.
– In case if you don’t want to disclose the reason in any case, then you may just provide a hint of it.
– One page’s Personal Reason Leave Letter is enough.
– Your leave letter should be in the form of a perfect business letter (short, to the point and error-less).
– Use professional language from top to the bottom.
– Check the calendar properly in order to know about the public or national holidays that can increase your number of leaves.

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