Sample of Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter

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A brother’s marriage leave letter is written by an employee to his/her manager to seek permission to take a day or more off from work to attend his/her brother’s marriage. It is a formal letter so make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter. Moreover, be concise and try to explain all aspects of your leave letter in two to three short paragraphs.

Write your brother’s marriage leave letter as simply and precisely as possible. But make sure your letter does not miss out any important information. Secondly, don’t forget to run spell check before sending the letter to your boss. Lastly, depending on your relation with your supervisor/boss, you can invite him/her to the wedding as well.

Sample of Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter

Andrew Brown
Piedras No 623
Piso2 Dto.4
C1070AAM Capital Federal,

10th April, 2013

Allen Marten
HR Manager
ABC Construction Company,
C1000WAM Capital Federal,

Subject: Brother’s Marriage Leave Latter

Dear Mr. Marten,

I am glad to notify you that my brother’s wedding date has been fixed. The marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 20, 2013, and I want to take a one-week leave from work (April 15 to 21) to attend the wedding and make the necessary arrangements.

On my return from leave, I will work over time to compensate for my absence and complete my pending assignments. My residential address and contact number during the duration of the leave are mentioned below, and you can contact me any time if my assistance is required.

I hope you understand that I will be extremely busy during these days and it will be hard for me to return my calls on time. However, I will still try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Moreover, I really hope that you have received the wedding invite – I and my family will greatly appreciate your presence.

Thanks for your time and consideration,



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