How to Write Exams Leave letter

Use professional language

Since it is an official correspondence between you and your employer, the format, tone and content should be suitably formal. Use professional language and proper salutations, like Mr, Miss or Ms, followed by addressee’s surname.

Start your letter properly

Start your leave letter with your name, designation, official address, email address and any other contact information you deem necessary. It is also important to put a date after your contact information. Dating your letter properly can be very important should anyone want to know when exactly you applied for the leave.

Address the right person

When writing a leave letter, it is very important to address the right person. Usually, leaves are sanctioned by the Human Resource Department, but the employees do not directly address the HR department. Write the leave letter to your direct boss or manager, who will then forward it to the HR department for approval. Write the designation and address of the addressee after your personal information and date.

Clearly mention the purpose of leave

 Start your letter by clearly laying out your request, the reason behind it and the dates you are asking to be excused from work. Write your leave letter clearly and precisely to avoid any ambiguity or confusion about the reason for leave or the number of days you will be off. Make sure your letter is short, simple and straightforward.

Attach the date sheet with leave letter

Besides clearly mentioning the dates, it is a good idea to attach a copy of your examination schedule with the leave application.

Show professional attitude

Assure your manager that the exam leave will not affect your efficiency. It is a good idea to share with your manager the status of your most recent assignment, and if there is some pending work, assure him that you will complete it before going on leave.

Request for consideration and approval

Every organisation approves examination leaves without any problem, but be professional and request your employer to consider your request.

Conclude with a complementary gesture

 It is necessary to thank the addressee in anticipation before formally signing off.

Tips and warnings:

- Proofreading is very important. A leave letter with spelling or grammatical mistakes leaves a very bad impression.
– You don’t need to give all the information about your plans in the leave letter. However, you can state in a sentence or two how these exams will boost your work efficiency.

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