How to Write a Delivery Cancellation Letter

Keep it Professional

All business letters need to be addressed professionally. Instead of mentioning the recipient’s first name, begin with an appropriate salutation (e.g. “Dear Mr. ABC,” instead of “Dear Receiver’s First Name.”

Be clear and precise

When writing the cancellation letter, make sure you mention all the items you no longer wish to receive. If there are particular items you wish to cancel, list them clearly to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

Adopt a polite tone

It is better that you use a polite tone while writing a delivery cancellation letter. The seller won’t exactly be happy with the cancellation, and an apologetic tone will help your case.

Explain your position

The seller would want to know the reasons behind your cancellation. Do not hesitate from listing the factors behind your decision. You need to explain your situation in detail, helping the seller understand your position. If you have genuine reasons behind the cancellation, it is likely that your relation with the supplier will not suffer.

Pay dues Offer compensation

You need to pay any dues or fees you owe to the company before you send your letter of cancellation. In case you have not cleared any dues, you should include a cheque with the letter. Furthermore, you should offer compensation for the cancellation if required.

End on a Formal Note

You need to end the letter on a good note with pleasantries. Wish the company success in the future and mention how you would like to work together again. It is also recommended that you sign your name in ink to make the cancellation letter more authentic.

Review the letter before posting

It is advised that you thoroughly review the letter to check for any grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure all relevant details regarding the delivery are accurately mentioned, along with any names and contact information.

–       Keep the letter short and to the point.

–       Be specific in regards to the items you are cancelling.

–       Follow the letter up with a phone call or meeting to confirm the cancellation.


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