Sample of Function Leave Letter

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A function leave letter is written whenever you have to attend a particular function and you can’t make it to work in time. You need to inform the management of your organization that what the reason is for you not making to work on a particular day.

Make sure that you write in an extremely official and formal manner. Since you are reporting to senior personnel, you don’t want to sound too informal. Start off by mentioning the reason for your leave and write the date on which you will not be present. Then write about all the other necessary details, which include your personal contact number since your organization might want to contact you during the time you are not around.

Sample of Function Leave Letter

Jonson Parker
2743 West Road, Apt 0948
Holster, CA 29374-0984
234 092 234

January 21, 2014

Mike Minors
HR Manager
23497 Northumber Bend
San Juan Capistrano, CA 239847
234 092834 98

Subject: Leave Application for a Family Function

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that there is a family function that I have to attend to on this upcoming Thursday, January 30, 2014. I have to travel outstation in order to attend this function so that is the reason why I will not be able to attend the office on the date which has been mentioned above. It is a request that you kindly grant me a leave for one day as I will be back to work on Friday January 31, 2014.

I am currently responsible for two projects which are being run by this organization. One is about to come to an end while the other will take at least four more months. During the time I am not present, my assistant manager, Robert Wayne, is going to be the person in charge.

However, in case you need to contact me regarding anything, you can always reach me through my cell phone: 2983274-098-09 which is going to be on during the time I am not around.

I am looking forward to your cooperation in this manner and I will be grateful if the leave is granted before time.

Thanks and Regards,

Jason Parker

Marketing Manager

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