Sample of Health Problem Leave Letter

Pen and Paper

Who doesn’t experience a viral disease, an infection, a flu or even a fever every once in a while? That is the reason why different organizations keep a slot for their employees in the allotted leaves; so that their employees can take the day off in case they are not feeling well.

In such cases you must write a leave letter which states your health problems. In order to prove that you are not feeling well, you must attach a copy of your medical report so that your organization can not only know your condition, but also give you a reimbursement on your medical dues since most of the organizations do offer a medical.

Make sure that your tone is courteous throughout the letter as you are writing to your employer.

Sample of Health Problem Leave Letter


Amanda Wilde
Marketing Manager,
Driven Salts PVT LTD,
7342 Private Lane,
Square, UK 2340


Jonathan Luke
Marketing Department,
Driver Salts PVT LTD,
7342 Private Lane,
Square, UK 2340

Date: 28th November 2013.


This letter is to inform you that I will be unable to make it to work from 28th of November 2013 to 4th of December 2013. The reason is that I am going through a viral disease and it will take me at least five to six days in order to get cured.

Working from home does not seem to be an option since I am not allowed to take any stress and typing becomes a problem for me. Moreover, I am strictly advised to stay in bed so working is simply not going to be an option during these seven days.

I have attached my reports with this letter and hope that you will find them inside the same envelope.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Luke


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