How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

How To Write a Cover Letter

An impressive cover letter can make the employer read your application thoroughly, getting him/her to call you for a job interview. Here are some tips to help you.

Start with the Name of a Mutual Contact

Bring the mutual contact into use. This is the best way to divert the employer’s concentration from rest of applicants, with no relationship reference.

Tell a Story, if you are Good at

Do not miss the chance to relate your yearning for vacancy to a real story or experience in your practical life. Make sure to keep it brief and to the point.

Near the Opening, Briefly Write about your Career

Describe your previous work experience in one to two, but impressive lines.

Point Up your Qualifications with Examples

Provide solid examples of your previous achievements that points up how you could contribute in the development of the company.

Provide your Contact Details

Conclude the letter by providing your contact details and mentioning that you will be waiting to hear from him/her.

Don’t copy the Job Description

In case if you are applying for any posted job, keep its major conditions in mind but don’t cut and paste them.

Make it Professional

Although your cover letter will be an email in most cases, but its style should sound very professional, except that you are writing it to someone already known to you.

Tips to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

Don’t rewrite your resume: Your cover letter should be a brief abstract of your enclosed CV.
Don’t waffle in the letter: Your cover letter is your golden chance to sell yourself. Briefly but clearly mention what makes you better option than other candidates straight off.
Make it Error free: Make sure to go through the letter as many times as you can in order to make it free from all grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
Hand-written signature: Although it may seem old fashioned in this modern age, but still a handwritten signature is necessary as it is a signal of your authenticity.

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