How to Write a Complaint Letter against Courier Service

Bring the poor service to notice

Start the letter by stating the reason behind writing the letter. Clearly mention the specific complaint that you have regarding the specific service of the company.  Keep it brief and to the point.

Let the receiver know about the damages

Mention all those damages that you bear or the problems that you faced as a result of the poor service by the courier company.

Be firm but polite

No need to use harsh wordings, but still it is your right to write down about disappointment as a result of the unsatisfactory service of the organization.

Ask for immediate response

Ask the receiver to look into your complaint immediately and to let you know as soon as possible. Moreover, be very specific about what you want the business to do to resolve the problem, like refunding, returning, discount or something else.

Attach the courier’s recipients – if any

Mention about the enclosed courier recipients for convenience and as a proof of your genuine complaint.

End the letter with a positive note

Just for one complaint, you simply cannot overlook the number of years the courier company has been serving you. So, end up the letter with a hope that such mistake would not be repeated to enjoy long-term relationship with the courier company.

Tips for Drafting a Complaint Letter against Courier Service:

– Make sure that the opening paragraph should not exceed 2 to 3 sentences.
– If you want the company to compensate, the keep your demand as per the   rules of the company.
– Sign the letter at the end, date it and keep its photo copy.

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