How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job

Start with the Reason Behind Letter of Interest

Clearly point out your interest in pursuing employment with this company. Moreover, reveal your source of information that how you came to know about the specific job opening.

Tell about Yourself – the Positive Stories

In the following paragraph, provide all the reasons why should the employer consider or hire you. Outline all your strongest qualifications, skills, strengths, achievements in a professional career and motivation to contribute to the organization.

Let the Employer Know about Enclosed Resume

Mention to employer about your enclosed resume and other enclosures – if any.

Near the Ending, Request for an Interview

Request the employer for an interview and point out that you will be available during a specific time period for an interview. Provide your contact details (phone number or email address) as well.

Thank the Employer for Consideration

Express gratitude to the employer for his /her time and consideration.

Tips to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job:

– Always follow the business letter format.
– Always type your Letter of Interest for a Job
– It is recommended to use a fine quality bond white paper for clear printing of the letter. you can use an off-white paper as well.
– Your Letter of Interest for a Job should not be a rewrite of your enclosed resume.
– Make sure your letter is proofread and error-less.
– Never include your hobbies in the Letter of Interest for a Job.
– Don’t include irrelevant personal information, including NIC number, marital status, religion, age etc.
– Never lie about yourself

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