How to Write Leave Letter for Absence from Work

Address and Salutation

Stick to formal salutations and professional language for all work related letters. Put down the name of your company, the address and write the purpose of the letter in the ‘subject’ line. The letter needs to be sent to either your supervisor or the Human Resources department.


The opening paragraph must clearly state the purpose of your letter and why you are seeking a leave. Reasons could range from medical condition, emergency, wedding, family or personal commitments etc, and you need to make sure the matter warrants your absence.


You need to specify the number of days you will not be able to attend work. It is essential that you provide a schedule, which clearly states your personal commitments. If you are not sure about the number of days, then provide an approximate time frame for the management’s record.

Follow the company policies

No matter what the reason behind your request, it is important that it complies with company policies regarding leaves. Every organization has its own rules, regulations and procedures, which need to be followed by every employee when it comes to taking leaves. You may be required to backup your request by providing relevant information or proof.


Make sure that your letter is concise and to the point. If you have any leave balance, you can specify how you want your leave to be treated. However, don’t waste time by writing down irrelevant details. Your letter should have all the terms and dates clearly mentioned so that there is no confusion or ambiguity.

Delegating your work

Since every employee’s contribution is important for the company, you need to assure the management that work will not suffer in your absence. If you have any pending projects, you can give an expected completion time or delegate work to sub-ordinates. You can also request a colleague to cover for you while you are gone and deal with any emergencies or urgent work related issues on your behalf. If you make any such arrangements, make sure you mention them in the leave request.


Thank your management for looking into the matter. Furthermore, it is always advisable to leave your contact details in case the company needs your assistance. However, if you will be off the grid for the duration of your leave, make sure you state that in the letter.

– Make sure that you write the letter well in advance so that all the necessary arrangements can be made.

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