How to Write a Thank You Letter for Appreciation

Take a Formal Start

Take a very formal start, writing “Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs., followed by the second name of the receiver.”

Thank the Receiver

In the opening paragraph, show your gratitude and thankfulness to the receiver for his/her help or support. Be as polite and down to earth as you can.

Highlight the importance of the Receiver’s Help/Support

Let the receiver know that his/her support or help is going to play a vital role in your life, allowing you to do well. If it is a support regarding your professional life, then do highlight its overall impact on your career or company growth and success.

Show Appreciation

The receiver deserves appreciation. Within a concise paragraph, highlight all the positive aspects of the receiver’s personality. It will make him/her fee proud.

Close the Letter in a Grateful Manner

Conclude the letter by letting the receiver know once more how much you appreciate his/her support or help.

Make it Authentic

Conclude the letter with formal closing salutation, followed by your handwritten signature and typed name.

Tips to Write a Appreciation Thank You Letter:

– Make sure not to exceed one page, keeping the letter short and polite.
– Only thank somebody for something already done; to show gratitude in advance is not required at all.
– Once someone help/supports you, send the Appreciation Thank You Letter as soon as possible. Sooner is always better!
– Use company’s letterhead and a good quality printing for a Business Appreciation Thank You Letter.
– If you are writing it to your family member or friends, then it is not necessary to follow a formal format and let the words flow from you smoothly.
– If the help of support of the receiver involves monetary terms, let him or her know how the amount will be consumed and its outcomes.
– Be direct and concise in your writing.
– You polite tone while writing the letter will make the receiver help you again.

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