How to Write a Medical Treatment Leave Letter

Address it to the concerned department

Address the letter to the concerned person (usually supervisor) or department (Human Resources). It is important that use proper salutation and titles, keeping the letter formal and professional.

Write about your medical condition

Set the tone of the letter by informing your company about your medical condition. Be straightforward and get to the point. Make it clear that treatment is essential and not avoidable in the best interests of your health. If your doctor has given you an estimate on the number of days you will need to take off, quote him. However, if you are taking leave for an indefinite period, mention it clearly and give them contact details of a family member or friend who can provide updates (if you can’t).

Look into Company Policies

You must be aware of the company’s leave policy, especially in regards to medical leaves. Most companies allow employees a set number of medical leaves alongside a system of reimbursement or insurance. Moreover, you may be required to attach supporting documents as proof of your current medical state. If your company needs a certificate or prescription from your doctor, contact him/her for assistance. Inquire about any reimbursement policies and make sure you know all related rules and regulations.


Make sure that you have a back-up plan on how you intend to manage your workload. If you have any important assignments pending, inform the company about their status. It is advisable that you name a person of your preference who you feel can take the added responsibilities in your absence. This will provide your company with the necessary assurance that you care about your work. If there is a recovery period involved, you can offer online assistance from the comfort of your home as well.


End the letter by thanking the company for their consideration. Ask them for their support and make yourself available (through phone or internet) if they require your assistance in case of an emergency.

Tips to Write a Medical Treatment Leave Letter:

– Get straight to the point regarding your medical condition, don’t beat around the bush.

– Make sure that you are aware about all company policies in case you require medical reimbursements. Contact the HR department and find out which conditions are eligible for reimbursement.

– Try to keep tabs on your work by staying in touch with your team members.

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