Sample of Marriage Leave Letter

Marriages are an important day in anyone’s life. However, when it comes to taking off from work, you must write a letter to the HR manager. Make him/her explain how this is going to be a really important day in your life and you are looking forward to it. Moreover, when you are going to get married, you will not be doing it in a single day. Therefore, ask for leaves for more than two to three days since the two of you are going to try and enjoy a few days together. Take all those into consideration and ask for a small leave. If the organization wants you to work from home or in advance, do it for them.

Sample of Marriage Leave Letter

Johan Woodstock
HR Manager
Dingling Mechanics
234 Ontario, CA.


This is to inform you that I will be taking the next 12 days off because I am about to get married. I have been pre-informing you regarding this situation and I have already worked in advance in order to cover all the targets which I was to meet during the upcoming 12 days.

I hope the organization understands how I cannot be available during these 12 days. I understand how the workload has increased due to Christmas, but there is nothing that I can do on my end except doing the work in advance. Working from home is not an option for me since I will be too busy working for my own marriage.

I want this day to be special and I hope that this organization helps me in doing so. Please grant me a leave for these upcoming 12 days and if there is anything that I can do to repay after I return, I will wilfully do so.

Thanks and regards,

Stewart Downing

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