How to Write Letter for Extension Leave

Mention your complete address at the top left

Start your leave extension letter by writing your complete address, phone number and email ID, at the top-left corner of the page. Make sure your address has been typed correctly, since you will be receiving a reply to your application on the same address.

Clearly mention the date

Dating your letter is very important and will serve for reference when your application is filed.

Address the right person

Right beneath the date, you will state the address of the receiver. Though leaves are sanctioned by the Human Resource Department, leave letters are usually sent by employees to their managers or direct supervisors, who then forward it to the HR department for further approval. Similarly, a leave extension letter will be also written to the manager. Mention the name of your boss or manager along with his/ her designation. Do not forget to add the name of your company or organisation in the end.

Subject line

Add a subject line clearly mentioning “Letter for Extension of Leave”. While it is not mandatory to write the subject of a letter, it shows a professional attitude and facilitates record keeping.

Use formal salutations

Since it is an official correspondence between you and your manager, use professional language and formal salutations like Dear Mr. or Ms. followed by the surname of the addressee and a comma (,).

Clearly mention reason for leave extension

Start your letter by clearly mentioning the purpose of writing the letter. You will need to explain to your supervisor why you need the extension.

Be factual and specific

Make sure you include factual details in your leave extension letter, and avoid dramatizing the situation; your employer may verify the facts before considering your request.

Stick to the point

Do not include irrelevant details into your letter and mention only relevant details.


Attach necessary documents to substantiate your claim. For example, if you are on a sick leave or are looking after a sick parent, attach the doctor’s prescription stating you or your parent needs a few more days of bed rest.

Request favourable consideration

Show professionalism and conclude the letter by requesting the receiver to consider and approve your leave. Also add complementary gestures, like thank you for your time and consideration etc.

Tips and warnings:
– Proof read your letter before printing or sending it.
– Keep your leave extension letter as simple and clear as possible.

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