Sample Leave Letter for Brother’s Wedding

If your brother is about to get married and you know the final dates of this occasion, you might want to inform your employer in advance about the leaves which you will be taking because of this particular event. You will have to inform them about the exact dates and the reason why you want to take this time off. There is a high possibility that you will get paid leaves since you have a genuine reason to take the days off.

Whenever you are writing such a letter, always remember to keep a formal tone. Since you are communicating with your employer, you must always be formal and courteous. Start off by stating why you want to take the days off and for how long you will be missing work. Once you are done explaining then simply add details about how you are going to cover up for the days which you will be missing. Once you believe that you have made your point, simply thank your employer for being cooperative.

Sample Leave Letter for Brother’s Wedding

Ashton James
789 Conti Street
California, LA 70118
004 – 756677876890

10th April, 2013

 Miss Jessica Roberts,
Product and Development Manager,
ABC Telecom Industries,
Panasonic Station,
New York, NY. 60611

Subject: Brother’s Marriage Leave Latter

Dear Ms. Roberts,

I hope you have already received the invitation card for my brother’s marriage, which is taking place on April 20, 2013. Given how I need to contribute to the arrangements, I would like to apply for a one-week long leave, from April 15 to April 21, 2013, so that I can fully participate in my brother’s special day.

I ensure you this leave will not affect my assignments and I will work overtime to complete my pending work as soon as possible. Kindly consider my humble request.

Thanking in anticipation,



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