How to Write a Job Resignation Letter

Keep it Professional

Start it in a professional way – write “Dear Mr. Abc,” instead of “Dear Receiver’s First Name.”

Start with the Reason of Writing the Letter

The first paragraph of the letter should include a simple statement that you are resigning from the current position and when will be your last day at work.

Adopt Optimistic Approach

You worked hard for the current company, but they retained and paid you for it. So it’s a balancing act. Moreover, you have learned something about your industry. It is the time to acknowledge it and thank the company for all that. Write a concise note that should include gratitude to the company and management in order to provide you with an opportunity to work for them.

Don’t Burn your Bridges Behind you

World is round; what goes around, comes around at certain point in time. Unequivocally, the organization you are planning to join would be better than the one you were already working in, but breaking all your connections is not a sensible option. You may come across the current management at any point in your professional career.  Write a simple paragraph, expressing the hope that you’ll a pleasant acquaintanceship and get to work together in the future.

Act like a Truly Loyal Employee

In order maintain a good relationship with current management; offer your assistance regarding the training of a substitute employee during transition. It is a professional courtesy and also adds to the chances of getting constructive recommendations on future references.

End on a Formal Note

Conclude the resignation letter on a good note, such as, “sincere personal regards and best wishes for non-stop success,” followed by your signed first name.

Tips to Write a Job Resignation Letter

– Squeeze your job resignation letter to exact one page in length.
– It is better to avoid mentioning the reason behind resignation.
– Gratitude goes a long way as compared to criticism and negative remarks. So be as appreciative and kind as you can.
– Even if you are less pleased with the current management, don’t get it into your nerves and stick to positive notes from start till the end.
– Do not give any suggestions in your resignation letter.

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