Sample of Risk Acceptance Letter

The Risk Acceptance letter is written when one organization gives a contract to another organization. In it the organization talks about all the risk factors which may be involved during the project (or term of contract) and they either accept or reject these risk factors. There are several things which can be written in such a letter, but you must cover the basic points and the term of contract.

Mention everything that you believe should change in the contract and how you want to bring about that change. In case you are innovating the terms of the contract, write down a list of things which you believe are either incorrect or subject to change. Once you have done so, you can list down the price changes and the overall change in contract.

You are basically writing to the contractor in order to let them know that you are either accepting the risk factors involved in the project or you are not. In case you are, you will simply let them know about the different risks which you perceived in the project. However, in case you do not really comply with what they have to say, simply write down the points which you want to change.

Make sure that your letter is concise. It is better if you write down a list of things in points as that is going to sum things up perfectly. Remember, you tone should be professional and extremely formal.

Sample of Risk Acceptance Letter

Subject: Acceptance of Risk Letter to use Odyssey Access Clients compatible with VISTA and Windows Mobile for wireless devices on Jill Depot Switched Architecture Wireless LANs.

To whom it may concern,

  1. I authorize the use of Odyssey Access Clients to provide the devices in Jill Enterprise Network with a secure and solid wireless connection from 3 January 2014 to 4 January 2014.
  2. The supplicants we currently have do not support the mandated operating system, Windows VISTA. Moreover, they cannot even handle the requirements for the terminals which are currently being used for a significant portion of our depot’s operating environment.
  3. In order to contact someone for this action, the point of contact is going to be Jill C7, Central Division, 897 HA8-7A or 8SD F9W-87

For the commander:

Duke K. Howard
Chief Information Officer C7

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