Sample of Appointment Acceptance Letter

appointment acceptance letter

Appointment acceptance letter is written when an organization has offered you a job and has sent you a confirmation letter for the particular post you applied for. Once you have received the confirmation letter, you need to address to the letter number which was sent to you and then address the organization in a humble and direct tone that you are willing to accept the job offer and abide by their terms and conditions. While writing the appointment acceptance letter, you must start of by referencing the letter which that organization has sent you. Later, explain to them that you agree to their terms and conditions. Make sure that your tone is professional and you do not deviate from the point.

Later, thank them for the offer that they have made. Since they have chosen you over several other candidates, you must make them realize how thankful you are to them. Also, make them realize that you are the right man for the job and you are going to try your best to live up to your expectations. In such letters, you must remain absolutely humble to the person you are addressing to. Since you are writing to your future employers, you must leave a positive impression on them. Lastly, make sure that you do not only send them this letter; in fact, you also send them a copy of the appointment letter which they have sent you. The original copy must remain with you since you need a proof for yourself. The first copy must be signed by you and should be sent back to your future employers.

Sample of Appointment Acceptance Letter

Jonas Kaboul
23 Peach Mart Street
2020 Main Boulevard
12th October 2013

Mr. Juan Mata
Hufflepuff Sales Corporations
25 Main Avenue

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for your letter number 019283, dated 30th September 2013, along with two copies of letter of appointment. This is to inform you that I accept the terms and conditions therein and have pleasure in informing you that I will start reporting for duty on 16th October 2013.

Enclosed in this envelope you will find a duplicate copy of the letter of appointment which has been signed by me.

Thank you for trusting me and giving me a chance to prove myself in your organization. I assure you that I will give my best in order to satisfy all of the organization’s needs.

Thanking you once again,

Yours faithfully,
Jonas Kaboul.

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