Sample of University Acceptance Letter

University acceptance letters are sent to students who are admitted into certain universities they applied to. These letters must be written by a person who is in charge of handling all the admissions and therefore they are written in first person form.

Try to maintain a formal tone and convey every single bit of information which is needed by the students. If there is any scholarship, it must be written down and in case there is a condition for acceptance then that must be written too.

Sample of University Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr Flint,

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Graduate program within the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Distant Studies for the Fall 2014 term! You are admitted to an alternative major because of limited number of spaces in the major which you chose. If your academic standing at the end of the first year is high then you can apply for our co-operative program in the second year.

Furthermore, your exceptional academic record helped you quality for our President’s scholarship which is worth $3000. You can visit for further information on this scholarship.

Please remember that we still reserve the rights to withdraw this admission offer if you are unable to complete your current school year unsatisfactorily. Your official transcript and final grades must directly be sent from the institution you are currently studying in to the office of the registrar.

This offer is conditional upon achieving a minimum grade of A in mathematics in your A-level and a B in all the other A-level subjects. Your official transcript should be sent from your institution itself and as soon as it is available.

In case your final result is not submitted by the specified deadline then arrange a copy to be faxed, preferably by your school, to the office of Registrar at 284-789-2680. Any fax which is submitted by your school is considered to be official.

An admission package will be dispatched to you which will contain all the details regarding your residence and class timings.

If you have any questions about your Offer of Admission then please let us know at or you can contact me directly on the extension 2389.

Looking forward to seeing you this September!


Randy Perkins

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