How to Write Appreciation Letter for Project Completion


Begin my introducing yourself to your employees or customers. This may not be mandatory if you are addressing the letter to members within the company, as most of them would already know you. However, it is always better that you write your name and designation, before going on to mention the purpose of the letter. The tone of the letter needs to be appreciative and encouraging, where you announce how a project has been successfully completed, much to the approval of everyone at the company. This however may not be the perfect place for giving details on the project.


In the next paragraph, be specific in your appreciation by explaining the background of the project. This will give the reader much needed context. Convey the information in measurable terms so that the readers get a better insight into what efforts were made and how the project’s completion has benefited the company or the sender of the letter. Moreover, tell them the project was finished well before time and the information presented was indeed impressive and accurate. Express your gratitude and relief in a manner which makes the readers feel satisfied and content with their input and performances.

Also, mention how the employees have achieved goals through their commitment and dedication. If the management is offering any bonuses or perks, clearly mention them as well. However, this may or may not be included depending on the company policy related to the completion of a successful project.


In the final paragraph, thank all the parties involved. If you deem it appropriate, you can mention names of people who played key roles in the project’s completion. This will serve to encourage those who worked hard, and set a good example at the work place. You can further add that you will be looking forward to similar dedication and hard work in upcoming projects as well.


Make sure you are specific regarding the impact of the project. Combine professionalism and kindliness when appreciating your employees in writing. Make sure you use the company letterhead for this very purpose.  This is an important aspect which you must not ignore. If you don’t have a letterhead, then prepare a professional letter using Microsoft Word.

– A sincerely appreciative letter goes a long way in motivating and encouraging employees to perform similarly in the future.

– Proof read the letter before sending it.

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