Sample of a Romantic Love Letter for Wife on Christmas

Christmas Letter for Wife

Christmas is a time when you get to be with your loved ones and cherish their presence in your life. Your wife is quite likely to do something special for you and the whole family on this day, but why should you do any less?

As a husband, you shouldn’t just leave it to your wife to do all the work. This is the perfect opportunity to remind her what she means to you and how lucky you feel to have her with you. This Christmas, we recommend you take some time and write a romantic love letter for your wife (don’t worry our sample below will give you some pointers).

Sample of a Romantic Love Letter for Wife on Christmas

Dear Anne,

I am at a loss of words every time I think about you and all the good things you’ve brought to my life. I am writing this letter on Christmas because I want you to know that I truly appreciate the support, love and effort you put into our relationship (and have been doing so for the past 8 years).

Without you, I don’t believe I would be the man I am today. I still like to think about our early days and dates, and when I do, I can’t help but smile. You are the most wonderful and amazing woman I have ever met, and I am constantly in awe of the things you do and the qualities you possess.

I know this past year has been a little tough because we have had to work and travel a lot, but I promise you that I will make it up to you in the coming days.

Let’s celebrate this Christmas as the best ever and then take on the New Year in our stride and make it the best year of our lives so far.

Your best friend and confidant,


Your Husband.

PS: The gift wasn’t entirely my idea, so don’t get mad if you don’t like it.

Tips for Writing a Romantic Love Letter for Your Wife on Christmas

You don’t have to do the traditional cheesy love letter. Just keep it sweet and be yourself. There is no need for formal writing or saying a set of certain things or expressing your undying love.

Your wife already knows the kind of man you are, just let her know how great a woman you believe she is. If there is anything you need to apologize about, this would be a good time to do that too.

Leave the letter with your Christmas gift for your wife and preferably write it in your own handwriting.

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