Sample of a Christmas Letter from Santa Claus

Christmas Letter and Gift from Santa Claus

Every year around Christmas children get excited about Santa Claus, expecting him to bring them gifts and write to them. Even when we were young, receiving a personal Christmas Letter from Santa Claus was one of the highlights of Christmas, and would put a smile on any child’s face. Naturally, since Santa doesn’t really exist (or so we are told), it falls onto parents to write their children Christmas Letters from Santa Claus. It is also a great opportunity to provide an external appreciation of behavior, highlight important events and encourage children to be good.

Sample of a Christmas Letter from Santa Claus

Dear John,

The year has really flown by and Christmas is almost here! I’ve been busy preparing for it all year and saw your name on my list of children who have been good. According to my elves, you’ve received a lot of gold stars for showing kindness, discipline and consideration this year. They also noted that you’ve been very helpful with your mom in making your own bed.

Our wish list shows that you have been wanting a red bicycle for Christmas, and while it is difficult to carry a whole bicycle in my chariot, we will try our best to make your wish come true.

We also noted that you have been completing your homework on time but you need to be careful with your school attendance. If I manage to deliver your red bicycle, I hope you will promise in exchange to be more punctual at school and use your bicycle responsibly.

I am not sure about the time I will be visiting your home, so make sure you sleep early and don’t stay up late on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and lots of love,

Your friend,
Santa Claus

Tips for Christmas Letter from Santa Claus to 10 Month Old and Younger Kids

A lot of parents wonder what they can do for younger children on Christmas. Even though they can’t read letters, it is still a good idea to write Christmas letters from Santa Claus and keep them together in a book which you can show them when they are older.

This would serve as a great memory  and would go a long way in inculcating the spirit of Christmas in them.

Tips for Christmas Gifts from Santa Claus

Christmas for children is as much about gifts as it is about holidays. While most children have their own Christmas wish list which is a good starting point for gift choices, there are a few tips to keep in mind when getting Christmas gifts for Children from Santa Claus.

Firstly, whatever you get for your children on Christmas on Santa’s behalf needs to be special, and something your child has often wished for. There may be several other things your child wants, and you can get them as gifts from yourself and your spouse, but Santa’s gift needs to be memorable and worth the occasion.

Secondly, don’t forget to write a Christmas letter from Santa or a card and attach it with the gift. We also recommend that you have your camera ready to capture the moment when your child first finds and opens up Christmas gifts.

Some good gift choices for kids include bicycles, video games, musical instruments and sports accessories and items (skate boards, roller blades etc).

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