Sample of Job Appointment Letter for Teacher


A job appointment letter for a teacher is written whenever an institution is signing or planning to sign a new teacher.

Simple write the letter in a professional and formal tone. Explain everything in detail and let the upcoming teacher know about all the rules and regulations which he/she must follow.

Sample of Job Appointment Letter for Teacher

Dear Sir,

Referring to your application dated 23/11/2014 for the post of Teacher in Edopia and subsequent interview held on 28/11/2014, I am happy to inform you that you have been appointed to the post of Senior Teacher with effect from 2/12/2014 in the pay scale of $2200 per month.  No other allowances other than this basic salary are admissible in this pay scale.

The terms and conditions for this appointment are as follows:

The appointment is temporary and no terminal benefits of any kind except gratuity are attached to it.

You will be on probation from 2/12/2014 – 1/3/2015. During the probation period, your services are liable to be terminated without any notice or assigning any reason thereof. The probation period may be extended.

On successful completion of probation period of three months, extended probation period can be granted as and when the vacancy arises in that particular post. After confirmation, your services can be terminated by the management of the school by giving one month’s notice or one month’s pay in lieu thereof. Similarly, in case you wish to leave the service at any stage you will also be required to give one month’s notice, failing which, the amount equivalent to one month’s pay will be recovered from your due security deposit amount.

As regards your duties and responsibilities, you will be required to follow the school standing order as amended from time to time.

You will strictly work only for this institution and will not take up any part time job anywhere, either during the school hours or after, failing which, you will be held guilty for misconduct and breach of trust, resulting in dismissal from service.

You will not engage in any private tuition outside the school premises after school hours.

 Thanks and regards,

Headmaster Edopia School
J K Dido

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