How to Write an Interview Acceptance Letter


While it is important to be careful when writing your interview acceptance letter, you need to realize that it is just that – an acceptance, and does not require you to go on at length about the company and how you want to work there. However, it is a chance to show your willingness and enthusiasm to get on with the next stage, so make sure you reply in a professional and committed manner, which leaves a good impression.

For starters, it should be a formal letter, addressed to the concerned person, free of any grammatical or typo errors. You don’t want your prospective employers to feel that they made the wrong choice. Take your time before you begin writing, and then proof read it to ensure that the information provided is accurate and to the point.


In the opening paragraph, thank the person or the company for giving you the opportunity. You can refer to the interview call letter sent to you at a certain date. This will inform the reader that you are up to date and alert. After thanking them, state how you have accepted their interview offer for the mentioned post (do so in an enthusiastic manner).


In the next paragraph, sort out all other relevant information. This will mainly incorporate the scheduling of the interview. If you have been asked to confirm a date and time for the interview, do so in a professional manner. If availability is an issue, clearly inform them that you would like to reschedule the interview. Giving multiple dates can also be an option so that the company can make adjustments according to their own preference. This may be important as you don’t want to keep them waiting.


In the final paragraph, thank the person again for the opportunity and ask whether he or she needs additional help with any information or paperwork. Moreover, if you have any query, then ask the reader to reply about it in the next letter.  End the letter by Typing Yours Sincerely, followed by your name and Signature.

– Keep the letter as professional as possible. It is crucial for you in terms of securing the vacant job position.

– Avoid going lengths to praise the company. It will do little good as a formal interview is yet to take place. Just appreciate them for the opportunity they have given you.

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