Sample of Confirmation Letter for Interview

confirmation letter

A confirmation email for interview is written by the organization in order to let the candidate know about the fact that he/she has been selected for an interview. The email is quite precise and covers all the major points which need to be explained to the candidate.

Make sure that you are concise and to the point throughout the email. Let the candidate know what he/she needs to bring for the interview. Moreover, keep a formal and professional tone throughout the email. Lastly, give out a number or a contact detail so that the person can contact you in case he/she wants to.

Sample of Confirmation Letter for Interview

Dear Mr Brown,

We are absolutely delighted that you have agreed to come to XYZ Corporation on January 24, 2014 to interview for the position of Marketing Manager and to discuss your qualification for this position.

Please come to the Main Office number 24 located on the left hand side of the Grey branch. The directions can be further clarified on the map which is placed right at the door.

Remember that under the terms of immigration reform and control act of 1986, all applicants are expected to lawfully accept their employment in the United States right at the time they have been offered for employment. Since you are currently interviewing for this position, it is also advised that you bring along a proof of your US Citizenship or at least the permanent residency to the interview. If you want to meet up with a human resource manager who handles VISA and immigration matters, it is advised that you inform us in advance regarding this matter.

Your schedule for the whole day has been enclosed within this envelope. As we have already discussed Mr Richie Marx will be your personal on-campus guide throughout the day. He is expecting to meet you at the old gate which is right across the actual gate.

If there is anything you want us to assist you with, or if you need it beforehand, please let us know. Thank you once again for accepting the offer for the interview. We are expecting to see you soon.

Thanks and regards,

XYZ Corporation.

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