How to Write an Employment Joining Letter

Address and Salutation

Make sure that the letter is written on the organization’s letterhead. If you don’t have a company letterhead, then prepare using Microsoft Word. Insert the contact details of the employee – address, name and salutation. While most formal letters should have the last name of the recipient, you can use the first name like Dear Paul, if the candidate is young or has little experience. However, if the post is offered to someone senior or reputable, then write his or her last name.


In the introductory paragraph, inform the reader that he or she has been selected or confirmed for the position. The letter needs to have a warm, friendly and welcoming tone. Mention the joining date and day and any other instructions the candidate needs to follow.


In the following paragraph, you will need to outline the general job description, salary package, business hours, company requirements etc. While the candidate will be provided with a formal contract, it is good to outline basic rules and regulations in the letter. You may need to inform the reader about the job location or specific timing he/she needs to follow in the first few days. Be specific so that the reader fully understands his or her job description. For instance, if you have hired a marketing person, make it clear that the position will involve a lot of travelling and whether any travel allowances will be provided.

Moreover, you may be required to provide additional details on the company’s leave and insurance policies, the name of the immediate supervisor, bonuses, dress code, and other perks and benefits (retirement plans etc). While these will answer the general queries of your candidate, you can attach a company handbook or a terms and conditions agreement, which will further clarify the company’s requirements and regulations.


In the final paragraph, tell the prospective employee that the letter should be signed and dispatched within a certain time frame. Regardless of whether the person accepts or rejects your employment offer, tell him or her that you are looking forward to working together.

Leave your contact information so that the prospective employee can contact you in case he or she has any concerns. Make it clear that this is a confidential agreement and must not be violated in any situation. Sign the letter and write your name and designation.

– Make sure you proof read the letter once you are done writing.

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