Sample of Business Welcome Letter

Whenever an organization hires a new employee, they have to welcome him/her by writing a letter. Since he/she is new to the organization, you have to make them feel like home. Give them the warmest of wishes and wish them the best of luck for their future endeavours in your organization.

Start off by explaining to them how your decision to hire them was the perfect choice that you made. Make them understand how they are special and should work for your organization due to several other reasons.

Once you have written the reason why you have hired them, write about how you expect them to excel for the future success of the organization. Try to remain as formal in the letter as possible. Make sure that you do not drag the letter too long and keep it simple. Besides this, your tone should be extremely welcoming. The person reading the letter should feel welcomed in a way that they get the feeling that they have made the right choice to come into this organization.

Lastly, you can offer them advice or help in case they encounter any difficulty on the first day of work. You can either give them your e-mail address or telephone number so they can contact you in case they run into a problem.

Sample of Business Welcome Letter


Peter North
67th Avenue Northamber Road
Ontario, CA

February 1, 2014

Dear Mr. Jake,

We are writing this letter to you in order to welcome you to our company “Jingle Tour and Travel Corporation”. We are extremely honoured and proud to have selected a competent employee such as you to work for us. Our organization welcomes you with the warmest wishes and hope that you have a successful term at the workplace and at the job position of the Marketing Manager.

 We believe that you are perfect for this position and you will help our organization excel in the market. We also hope that you do not face any difficulty on your very first day. We hope that you can give a good contribution and the best of performance to help your organization excel as much as it can.

Best of luck for all your endeavours in our company!

Yours faithfully,

George Mc. Kane

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