Sample Acceptance Letter for Training

A training acceptance letter is return in reply to a training application letter. In the training application letter the applicant may ask a certain organization to train him in a certain program. If the organization is offering that training program then it has to answer the applicant by explaining how he/she can officially apply for this training program. Moreover, an application form may be issued or sent to the applicant as well.

Make sure that your tone is formal and professional throughout the letter. Moreover, be concise and provide every bit of necessary information in the letter. You can write down the important things in points.

Sample Acceptance Letter for Training

Dear Applicant,

The Jumanji Native Association encourages and supports beneficiaries so they can reach their educational and training goals. We are pleased to provide you with an application for financial aid.

JNA is offering financial aid for all the Tribal Members of Old Harbour, Port Lions and Port Plugs. We are giving out different types of scholarships. A list of these scholarships is given below:

  • Full-time Students – Deadline for such students is 15th February 2014. Whether you are applying for the Spring term or the Fall term.
  • Adult Vocational Training – This is exclusively for those students who want to opt for a certificate in the vocational school. Deadline for this program is six weeks before the training commences.
  • Career Development Training – This is for students who only require one or two classes in order to advance in their current job, or in order to retain their current job.

These three types of trainings cater all your needs and whatever you specifically explained to us in your previous letter. All sorts of people who are currently lagging behind have been catered. You can opt for any one type of training program and let us know. However, you need to fill out all the necessary information in the application form which has been attached with this letter. If you are unable to comply with the application form, it may be subject to dismissal.

Submit your application on:

Jumanji Native Association
Attn: Training Coordinator
27984 E Private Drive
Ontario, Canada

If you have any questions feel free to contact me through my e-mail or my phone number 298-439-0283.


Mike Middleton
Training Coordinator
Jumanji Native Associations

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