How to Write a Business Letter of Interest


A business letter of interest must be written after you have thoroughly researched about the company you are showing interest in. Similarly, if you are trying to offer someone your products or services, you must be aware of the company’s policies and culture. All this will help you formalize your letter in a way which enables you to communicate effectively with the other party. For instance, if you are showing interest in offering services to a particular company, make sure that you fit their criteria. Also, try to find the name of the person whom you are writing to.

Align your expectations

Align your expectations and goals according to the demands and needs of the other party. For that, you need to ensure that you are capable of meeting your end of the proposed arrangement. For instance, you cannot ask for a marketing post, if you have done your bachelors in finance. The reader will automatically reject your request. Similarly, selling your service or product also requires some careful consideration, where you inform the reader about your market reputation.

Introduce yourself

A business letter of interest is a way of introducing yourself to a prospective employer, partner or client. Hence, it is better for you to write about your skills, expertise and achievements. For instance, if you have done an internship, mention how it is related to the position or program that is being offered at the prospective company. However, make sure that you don’t provide unnecessary details. As your resume or portfolio will already be attached, take your time and include relevant information, which strengthens your case.


Make the letter compelling and worth reading, where you elaborate upon and justify your interest in the prospective company. While it is important to praise the company, make sure that you stick to the specifics of your interest i.e. the program or position you are applying for. The same holds true if you are looking to sell your products or services.


In the final paragraph, leave your personal details so that the company can contact you. Thank them for the time and consideration and strongly express your desire to land the opportunity. End the letter by signing it.

- Proof read the letter as many times as you can. Use professional and simple vocabulary.

- If possible, add technical details in order to strengthen your case.

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