Sample of Christmas Letter to Customers

One of the major factors behind a successful business is communication with customers, and the same is even more important when it comes to small businesses. Over time you must maintain a mailing list to send out regular updates along with greetings for special occasions like Christmas.

When writing a Christmas letter to your customers you should start off greeting and thanking them for their continued loyalty and support to your business. You can then follow that up with a little information about the year’s highlights and add a little about your future plans. This is also a great opportunity to subtly convey any special holiday offers from your company. In the end you can simply sign off wishing them a great Christmas.

Sample of Christmas Letter to Customers

Dear Customers,

We at Green Gardens Maintenance hope that you are enjoying the holiday season and have a great time with your friends and family.

Our whole team is proud to have served hundreds of satisfied customers this year and we are all ready to celebrate Christmas and our year of success and achievements with a bang.

All of us realize that while we made efforts to provide the best services possible, it was your continued loyalty and support that led to our success and growth over the past three years. In order to show you how much we appreciate your support we are giving away two 50% discount coupons to every customer who has an existing subscription to our 3-month package. You can either use these coupons yourself or give them out to your friends and family and spread the love.

We hope to continue providing all our customers the best services and the complete team of Green Gardens Maintenance wishes you and your family a merry Christmas.


Green Gardens Maintenance Team

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