How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Boss

Get to the point

The letter is supposed to formally inform your boss about your decision to leave the company. Your boss is probably aware of it anyways (it is recommended you informally discuss the matter with your boss before sending a formal letter), so go straight to the point and list down the conditions related to your departure.

Keep it friendly

Determine the tone of the letter. Irrespective of your differences with the company and your boss, you must ensure that mood of the letter is friendly, where you clearly thank the management and your boss for guiding you. You may include specific incidents for which you feel thankful or grateful. However, make sure that you are honest in your message. You don’t want to make it obvious that you are leaving on bad terms; even if you are, the least you could do is remain professional. Highlighting your achievements will also be a good way to make the management feel that you were a valuable asset.

Write down memories

Recalling the good times for one last time is the best way to express your gratitude towards the company and your colleagues.  You may further mention special people by name to let them know how much they mean to you.


Conclude the letter by wishing your company all the best for future endeavours. Thank your boss one final time and tell him/her how much you valued the association. Offer any help in the transition period and further leave your contact information.


Even if you weren’t very close to your boss, it is still recommended that you keep the tone of the letter light and optimistic. You can further end the letter on a humorous note but make sure you understand the difference between ‘keep in contact’, ‘let’s keep in contact’, and ‘I hope we remain in contact.’ Remember that you are required to be respectful at the very least and this may not be the time to point out mistakes, flaws or blame others. Leaving on a healthy note will be the best way to go about it.

– Plan your letter before you begin to write. This will be your last official message and is probably going to go down in your file.

– You can add a few details about your new job or assignment. However, make sure that you don’t compare the two positions.

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