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Sample of a Settlement Demand Letter

A settlement demand letter is a formal letter written to an individual, company or firm in a bid to settle a legal dispute. Here the injured party outlines his or her desire to settle

Sample of Business Welcome Letter

Whenever an organization hires a new employee, they have to welcome him/her by writing a letter. Since he/she is new to the organization, you have to make them feel like home. Give them the

Sample of a Salary Verification Letter

A Salary Verification Letter is written by an employer, verifying the name, salary, job title and tenure of the employee requesting the letter. You begin by coming straight to the point and giving out

Sample of Christmas Letter to Customers

One of the major factors behind a successful business is communication with customers, and the same is even more important when it comes to small businesses. Over time you must maintain a mailing list

How to Write a Business Letter of Interest

Research A business letter of interest must be written after you have thoroughly researched about the company you are showing interest in. Similarly, if you are trying to offer someone your products or services,