Sample of Christmas Letter from Teachers to Parents

Christmas Letter from Teacher to Parents

The Parent-Student-Teacher relationship is a crucial aspect of education, which is why it’s important for teachers and parents to have a good understanding and mutual goals for children’s progress and learning. Events like Christmas are great opportunities for both parents and teachers to communicate and in this post we’re going to provide a sample of Christmas letter from teachers to parents.

This letter doesn’t need to be limited to christmas wishes and greetings, and can also include comments regarding the year’s performance and encouraging words for the coming year. It is also a touching gesture to remind parents that you, as a teacher, care for their children and make an effort to play your role in their learning.

Sample of Christmas Letter from Teachers to Parents

December 22, 2014

Karen Holbert
English Teacher
Saint Bishop’s Academy

Dear Parents,

I would like to wish your whole family a merry Christmas and hope that you and Matthew will enjoy the coming vacations.

Since  this is the end of the year and as you already know, mid-term exams finished just recently, we will be finalizing results and sending them out in the month of January, 2015. Matthew has been doing well in class this year, and will hopefully continue this progress into the next year as well.

After the mid-term results, we will also be holding a parent-teacher meeting, which I strongly insist that you attend.

The school will also be hosting a new year party on the day, so all of us can catch up over lunch.

Once again, I hope you all have a great Christmas and spend some quality time in these vacations.

Best regards,

Karen Holdbert
English Teacher

Tips for Christmas Letter for Kindergarten Parents

If you teach Kindergarten, your letter to parents of the children in your class should be more enthusiastic and stress upon the importance of integrating children into celebrations and events as part of their learning.

You could suggest that parents involve their kids into the Christmas tree decorations and also give children appropriate, constructive gifts which aid their learning and cognition skills.

As a class activity you could also help each child write down a small wish list for Christmas including items like color pencils, sets of crayons or educational toys. Children can then take the list home and you can refer to it in your letter, asking parents to consider the list and try to send their kids back to school with the items on it.

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