Sample of Graduate School Acceptance Letter

A graduate school acceptance letter is something which all the students wait for after they have applied to a certain university. There are several universities who respond to the pending requests of all the students who apply and while some are accepted, others are rejected.

While writing an acceptance letter for a graduate, you must make sure that your tone remains formal and you write things down in such a way that the person who has applied to your institution understands the fact that he/she must obey the rules and norms of the place. Moreover, you must also make them understand whether the offer is conditional or unconditional. This means that you explain to them briefly why and how their admission was accepted.

Start off by referring to the other person by his/her name. Then explain to them that you are accepting their offer in the program of their choice. Later, explain to them that you hope they will live up to the expectations.

This letter can also include others things. As mentioned before, you may write down the conditional and unconditional offer. Moreover, you can also add a few things that you may require from the individual. For instance, you might want the other person to send you certain experience certificates which might be helpful for further scholarship offers, etc.

Same of graduate school acceptance letter


Mr. George Smith
House 456
Saint George Road

Ms. Rebecca Clark
House 234
Drew Carry Shipyard

Dear Mr. Smith,

This is to notify you of our decision to accept your offer to enrol into the Risk Management Program at the University of Graduate Studies. Thank you for choosing UGS as your future institution. We are looking forward to attending you during this fall and hope that you live up to the standards which we have set at this historical institution.


Rebecca Clark

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