Sample of Conditional Acceptance Letter

When an offer, request or proposal is conditionally accepted, a Conditional Acceptance Letter is written. This means that in order to get complete acceptance, some conditions have to be met. Therefore, unless those conditions are met, the offer, request or proposal can get rejected based on how the accepting party is going to deal with the situation. The writer or sender, who is going to give the conditional acceptance, has to highlight each and every requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the recipient. Usually these conditions are mere formalities. In the case of a conditional letter from a university, the student needs to meet certain grades in order to get the admission or a scholarship which is being offered.

While writing a conditional acceptance letter, you must enter the name and address of both the parties. Moreover, start off with the name of the recipient as you are addressing to him/her. First explain to them why exactly you are writing this letter to them. In this case you can tell them how they fit the criteria perfectly but would need to provide you with certain information in order to get fully accepted. Then fully explain each and everything that they need to provide you with and what it should include. Lastly, end with a respectful note and ask for a prompt response since you need to take a decision.

Sample of Conditional Acceptance Letter

Michael Vaughn
Manager Human Resource
Brink International
456 Drink Bling Avenue
Anaheim, California
8935, CA

Date: 22-10-2013

Joe Allan
H.No: 345, Drewberry Street
Irvine, California
98732, CA
Phone: 0900-7860132-5


Mr Joe,

We would like to thank you for taking interest in Brink International. We received your CV and application for the post of Finance Manager. Your qualification and professional experience fits our criteria perfectly but we will require more information regarding your previous employment experiences.

You are requested to provide us with the experience certificates of all the organizations you have been a part of. Each certificate should include your tenure, designation and gross salary. Moreover, during this course of your employment, if you have won any individual or team-based awards, you can also provide us with their information.

It is requested that you provide us with all the aforementioned documents within the 7 days as we have to finalize our decision. A prompt response in this regard will be appreciated.

Thanking you,

Michael Vaughn
Manager Human Resource
Brink International

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