Sample of Rejection Letter to a Contractor

rejection letter to contractor

A contractor asks the construction company, or any other company, to make something. In case your organization does not comply with what the contractor has to offer, then you must always make sure that you write them a letter of rejection. Explain to them why you have rejected the bid. In case you have a counter-offer, you can also put that on the table.

Make sure that the letter you write is in a formal and professional tone. Write down every minor detail and do not miss out on anything. At the end always ask them to contact you back.

Sample of Rejection Letter to a Contractor

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the Business Charter School to request reasonably equivalent school facilities from the Business Charter School pursuant to Education Code Section 2739.

The recent proposition passed states that all schools in the district make available to the chartered schools which are present in the area. This is the reason why your proposal to building the school outside the vicinity has been rejected.

We are planning on making the school near the original District A, which is located near the actual school of the district. We are going to spend all the money on this project and we don’t have any more funds for your schools. Moreover, it is requested that the school project which you have submitted must be collected so that later there are no complications during the time we are building our own school.

Besides this, you can also let us know whether you want to take charge of the new project which we have taken under consideration. It is a hospital located near District A. If you are able to perform like you promised, we will also be giving you the contract for the chartered school which is expected to start next year.

Please let us know through an e-mail or a phone call whether you want to sign a new contract with us. Also, inform us about your decision regarding the rejection of the chartered school’s construction.

Thanks and regards,

Mocca Funders

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