Sample of Fellowship Acceptance Letter


A fellowship acceptance letter is actually written by the University for the fellowship students, but it is filled by the students. Therefore, the letter is written through the perspective of the students but the rules are written down by the university so that the student doesn’t have to write them all over again and he/she fully understands what the letter is trying to talk about.

The letter does not really have a set format, but there are key-points that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you write down every single detail which is necessary for the students. Also, write in a professional and formal tone.

Sample of Fellowship Acceptance Letter

Sent To:               Dr Brew Barry, Director
Office of Research and Sponsor Programs, 293D
The University of GHI

(Required: This information is needed to make payment to the student)

Name of Undergraduate Student: Corry Taylor
Student ID card Number: 928374-928734-3
Phone Number: 230984-09234
UM E-mail Address:
Home Address: House 234, Benevolent Street, High Rise Buildings, United Kingdom

This effort is going to take place primarily in the month of: June

Please tick the following:

  • I will put in the equivalent of 8 weeks of full time effort on the project which has been described in my application.
  • I am not expecting to take classes during the tenure of my fellowship.
  • I fully understand that this award is processed through Financial Aid and in case there is an outstanding tuition balance on my tuition account then a portion of the account can always be applied in order to balance. Moreover, I also fully understand that in case I start taking classes during this semester then this fellowship award may even be counted as financial aid and would affect the overall financial aid that I would receive for the other semesters.
  • I will also make sure that once my project is completed, I am going to submit a statement of completion to the research office.
  • Within 30 days of the end of the project and right before the final fellowship payment, the students must e-mail at the research office ( with a really brief statement which states that the project has been completed and they can also mention the required amount.

Thanks and regards,

GHI University.

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