Sample of a Company Leave Letter

What is a Company Leave Letter?

A company leave letter is similar to a leave of absence letter, where an employee puts forward a formal request for leave from work for a certain period of time. The reasons can vary from personal and emergency to recreational.

Sample of a Company Leave Letter

Mr. Fulton Homes
Project Manager
Park Fare
23rd June 2012
Ref: Request for Leave

Dear Mr. Homes,

I am requesting a leave of absence from work for seven days i.e. from 25th of June to 1st of July 2013 in order to be with my sick wife and young family. With no one to tend to them, it has become difficult for me to devote my full attention at work and further spare time for my family.

While my wife has been sick for some time now, unfortunately her condition has worsened over the past week, with doctors advising complete medical treatment, for which she needs to be hospitalized.  This has made it tough for me to carry out my daily activities at work as I have to ensure that my eight-year-old kid, Kevin, prepares well for his school exams.

I have requested my in-laws to help me out but due their own busy schedules, it is unlikely that they will arrive any time soon. Keeping this in mind, it has become important for me to get my priorities straight and be with my wife and child.

In the meanwhile, I have made a few arrangements and delegated my work to my team member, Alan Isaac, who will ensure that all our projects are carried out smoothly in my absence. In case of any query, I will be available over the phone.

Thank you for the your consideration,
Yours Sincerely,
Raymond Jones


– Make sure the letter does not exceed one page.

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