Sample of an Appeal Letter for Donation

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An appeal letter for donation is a formal way for non-profit or a charity organization to reach out to prospective donors, requesting for funding and contributions. The length of a donation letter is usually long in order to effectively convince other organizations to contribute money.

Always remember that whenever you are writing this letter, you need to make sure that your tone is to remain formal. Moreover, try to put in as much information as you want since you are trying to convince the others to give you donation.

Sample of an Appeal Letter for Donation

20th March 2013
Ford Wayne
Senior Consultant
Kid Care Foundation

Mr. Steven Taylor
Vice-chairman of Steven Brother limited
PMY Street, Hill road,

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I, Ford Wayne, am writing this letter on behalf of Kid Care foundation, a non-profit organization which has been actively working for the protection of youth in our community. With an estimated 2500 kids in our town, we are working tirelessly to provide them with the best of services related to education, food, clothing, water etc.

As our aim is to strive for greater development in the area, we are planning to provide recreational facilities to the youth and have already taken steps to open a new community park, offering children the chance to develop their sport skills. With children already thriving in academics, we feel that this is the right time to focus on recreational activities and provide them with a sports academy, within the premises of the community park.

With people like you on board, we feel that we can easily achieve our goal of $20,000. We have already received substantial financial support from other foundations, and are more than eager to ensure that the project succeeds, for which we are looking to generate the remaining amount as quickly as possible.

If you choose to acknowledge our request, it will greatly help us achieve our current goals. On behalf of the company, I thank you again for looking into our appeal for donation. If you have any queries, please feel to contact me at my personal number or at the organization’s official mailing address.

Thank you,

Steven Taylor

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