How to Write an Emergency Leave Letter

Be Professional

Make sure that the letter has a professional tone, where you clearly state the reasons behind your application for a leave. As you are writing the letter due to an emergency, make sure that you stick to the point rather than providing unnecessary information about the event which has forced you to seek an urgent leave of absence from work.  The letter needs to be addressed to the appropriate department or your supervisor, so be mindful of salutations.


Start by informing the reader about the emergency and explaining the situation. Illness, death in the family or an accident can be one of the reasons, and you should make it clear.


In the main body of the letter you can provide specifics of the reasons you have stated in the introduction. Since this is an emergency leave, you will be requesting it on a short notice; however, apologize for any inconvenience and clearly state the time period (approximate) you will be missing work for. If required, you can offer to return with the relevant documents etc, in order to strengthen your application. For instance, if you are seeking an emergency leave due to an accident in the family, you can bring the medical transcripts along when you come back to work.


Make sure that you write with a sense of urgency and keep the letter short and brief. However, it is your duty to make sure you are complying with all company policies regarding emergency leaves. If you have paid leaves, you will most probably get one without asking; however, if you still want to make it clear, you can state how you want your leave to be treated (paid or unpaid).

As with most leave letters, you may need to give assurance that all your work will be completed in a timely manner. If possible, you can offer to stay in touch with work and colleagues over the internet and do as much of your work as you can. However, if you are going to be cut off completely, you might want to request a co-worker to cover for you while you are gone.


End the letter by reassuring the organization of your commitment and dedication. Put down your contact details in case your assistance is required. Finally thank the management for considering your request.

– Check the letter for any errors or grammatical mistakes.

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