Sample of Invitation E-mail for Business Meeting

It happens on several occasions that you have to call your employees for a meeting. In order to do that, you have to write an e-mail on their work e-mails. It is internal information so you don’t have to send it to their personal e-mails. This e-mail must contain why exactly you are trying to call everyone for a meeting. Moreover, you can also discuss the past performances and how things have been in the previous meetings. Lastly, tell them where and when this meeting is going to take place so that everyone can be at the right venue at the right time.

Sample of Invitation E-mail for Business Meeting

SUBJECT: Business Meeting on Friday, December 6, 2013.

Hello Team Members,

First of all I would like to personally congratulate you for working extremely well in the previous month. You all have been working professionally and as a team; and this is the reason why we were able to meet our targets. I hope that we have learnt valuable lessons during the course of last month as we did commit a few mistakes and experienced several hurdles.

Starting this month, we are going to be experiencing newer challenges and we are yet again expected to meet the new targets. You must understand that these targets cannot be achieved without the contribution of each and every one of you.

In order to discuss the plan for the coming month, I have decided to set up a meeting on Friday, 06 December 2013, in the conference hall situated on the third floor of the building. All the team leads are requested to be present alongside their teams at 9:00AM. The presentation will not only cover last month’s achievement, but also explain who we are going to be working as a team for the coming month.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.


Dave Grohl
Managing Partner
Toys and Joys

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