Sample Email Cover Letter for Website Designer

A good Website designers can be the main between a successful site with lots of repeat customers or a site that no one comes back to. Top designer is worth his/her weight in gold. A good designer will go in details and will make sure the end user using the site does not have to think. Normally puts all information at max three clicks away. When a web designer is looking for a job, his portfolio may do the speaking for him but that is after being selected.

The first step is to get noticed and being able to articulate your strength in a cover letter. This email pitch is based on a job posting you seen on the Internet and you are now sending your resume. You can’t just attach a resume without writing something quick in the email body.

First thing is a headline for the email. Make sure your headline is short and to the point but strong.

You should start off with telling the employer where you saw their job ad. This is not only good for you but it also tells them, which advertisement is getting them the applicants. Tell them you are attaching your resume and in one paragraph list what you can do for them.

Dear Amanda:
I saw your Graphic Design Job posting on Facebook. I had the chance to look at your site and thought it is an interesting concept.

I attached my resume and my portfolio for you to look at but more importantly, here is a link for what I have done for your website. I was only able to spend few hours on it but it shows my thoughts as a leading edge graphic designer. The design and flash intro for your business is based on looking at your site, I’m sure I can improve this more after speaking with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nina Black

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