Sample of Contract Acceptance Letter

A contract of acceptance letter is written whenever a company decides to hire someone who has applied for a particular job in a certain department. The overall tone of this letter must be extremely formal since you are greeting an incoming employee and you should do it with decency. Make sure that you do not make them feel that they are not welcomed in the organization.

Start off by referring to the other person by name. Then explain to them how you came to the conclusion to hire them over all the other potential candidates. Here you can also tell them the amount of applications that you had to scroll through in order to jump to the perfect conclusion.

Once you have mentioned that their offer has been accepted, you should tell them that you are pleased to have them on board and you are expecting to work with them in the future.

Other information may include the salary that you are planning to offer him/her. This will remove all sorts of confusions regarding one of the most important bits of the contract. Lastly, you should thank your future employee for applying for this particular post and ask them whether they have any further queries regarding the job offer which you have presented to them.

Sample of Contract acceptance letter


Luke Ballack
2755 Brock Avenue
College Garden MD 2345
January 26, 2013


Elton John
606 Franchise Drive
Dallas TX 345345

Dear Mr. John,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for offering me this position in your company. I am pleased to accept your offer and can’t wait to start working with you.

I would also like to confirm my salary ($34,000) and the day I start working (February 15, 2013).

Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity. In case there is anything else that you want me to help you with, please let me know and I will provide it as soon as possible.


Luke Ballack.

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