Sample of Emergency Leave E-mail


At times you leave for work but due to an emergency you are unable to go. In this case you can always write an emergency e-mail to your boss or the department responsible so that they may know that you will not be reporting to work.

In the advanced world of today, e-mails are the preferable mode of communication when it comes to employee and human resource department. They are quick and far easier to save as they remain in the computer and the company does not have to work hard to maintain data. While writing an emergency leave e-mail you should make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone since you are writing to your senior. Moreover, try to sum up your problem in the most concise way possible. You can always give them contact details so they can contact you in case there is a problem at work.

Sample of Emergency Leave E-mail

Dear Sir,

I am writing this e-mail to you because I will not be able to come to work today due to the fact that I had a car accident. I am currently going to the insurance company to take my claim and it will at least take me a day to get through the problem.

The other party was at fault and it will take some time to get through the case. However, if you want to contact me you can always call me on my phone number: 098-234-209834-09. I will have my phone at all times and will be able to reply whenever you want.

Moreover, the project I am currently working on is almost at its completion stage. Therefore, I would like my assistant, James Rodriguez, to take charge of the situation during my absence as he has all the necessary knowledge to lead by team.

I hope you understand my problem.

Thanks and regard,

Drake George

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