How to Write a Christmas Letter to Boss

Professionalism is the key

No matter how informal the theme of the letter, you need to remember this is a correspondence between you and your manager/supervisor, so the tone and language of the letter must be professional. Use salutations like you would use for any other letter to your boss, such as Dear Mr, or Ms, followed by the second name of the receiver and a comma (,) in the end.

Start off on a positive note

Christmas is the perfect time to express gratitude to your manager or boss, regardless of his/her attitude towards you. Make sure you start off your Christmas letter on a positive note. Since Christmas comes at the end of the year, more than 90% of people start their Christmas letter with a sentence like, “I am surprised how fast this year has gone past” or “I can’t believe 2012 has come and gone so quickly”. Resist the urge to write any such sentence in your Christmas letter. While such sentiments are natural, it is not the happiest way to start a holiday letter. Start your letter with a professional and festive greeting, wishing your boss a very happy Christmas.

Keep it simple and to the point

Since you are writing this letter to wish your boss Merry Christmas, stick to the point. Do not write anything that has no connection with the occasion. However, you can mention briefly how you are thankful to your boss for his/her assistance and support in your success in the organisation.


A Christmas party is usually a family affair, so inviting your boss to a family gathering may not be the best of ideas. Similarly, your boss would probably have other commitments on Christmas and may not have time to attend your party. Since this is a Christmas letter, you need to simply wish your boss the best and show him/her that you remembered him/her on such a big occasion.

Tips and warnings:

– Shorter is sweeter – make sure your Christmas letter is simple, concise and to the point.
– Proofread your letter thoroughly to make sure it is free of spelling or grammatical mistakes.
– If you have more than one supervisor, you should send Christmas letters to all of them.
– The language of your letter will vary depend on your relationship with your boss

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