Sample of Appreciation Letter for Project Completion

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A sample of appreciation letter for project completion is a formal letter, written by someone on behalf of the senior management of a company (or a member of the management), informing, praising and appreciating employees for their good work upon the successful completion of a particular project. If you are writing this letter you have to make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter.

Since you are writing to your employees, and you are appreciating them for their hard work; you need to make sure that you mention the names of the people who worked the hardest compared to others. Moreover, you can also add more information which you believe could be necessary in the letter. For instance, if you are planning to throw a party for the completion of the project, announce the party through this letter as the people who were responsible will get to know about it.

Sample of Appreciation Letter for Project Completion

Prime Tech Ltd
CA- 2234

10th May 2012

Dear All,

It is with great relief and happiness that I am writing this letter, where I congratulate all your team members for the wonderful work they have done, which has helped the company complete the finance project well before the deadline.

The contribution and dedication of your team has been worthy of special praise, given the satisfaction of our investors, all of whom have extended their contracts for two more years. With these contracts, we are bound to reach new heights, and the money available will help the company grow and expand to all quarters of the country.

Our CEO was thrilled by our achievements and has granted bonuses for all teams, and has further announced two days off for everyone. A formal celebration will take place in the next week, the details of which will be forwarded in the coming days. I really appreciate the efforts of your team members, all of whom have worked day and night to make this project successful.

I hope this will remain our benchmark for future projects. Enjoy your recognition and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

Brendon Mathews

Finance Officer

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